About Us

Growing up as an Asian American in the U.S, there was never really anything I could relate to, since there was rarely any Asian presence in the media. I didn't want to be the stereotypical Asian, because I couldn't fit in since it wasn't popular. So I grew up on Hip-Hop and it was hard for me to identify as being Asian. Yet, I was still made fun of, because I was trying to act Black being a Chinese kid. I realized that it didn't matter that if I did try to act Black or be myself, because I was going to get ridiculed anyways since I was different.

As I got older I faced more of the usual stereotypes of society being seen as nonathletic, good at math, and bad at English. I got tired of it. So I changed it all, I ran track and became the starting running back in high school, and barely passed Calculus in my freshman year in college (not on purpose though). It took me some time, but I didn't let society decide or predetermine my life. Through my identity struggle I was able to find my meaning and purpose, so I created Asian Born Culture.I did not want people to go through the same identity struggle as I did. I know as Asians we aren't the loudest or most outspoken people, so I wanted to create something that people would be proud to wear and never forget who they are and where they came from. Something that would do the talking or create conversation for them, so let's start the movement!

What is Asian Born Culture?

Asian Born Culture is the unification of all the Asian cultures. Although we are all diverse in our own ways, we all face the same struggles as minorities. This is my way of bringing us all together. Kudos to Arnold But (his mind runs a million miles per second) who helped come up with name, when I was just only asking him business questions.